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Listed Buildings

There are currently 160 Listed Buildings in the Redditch borough.  A Listed Building is a building or structure which is included on the national statutory register because of its architectural or historic interest and protects the entire building inside and out, including any later extensions. The document attached below has details of all the Listed Buildings within our borough:

- List of Listed Buildings

There are three grades of listing I, II* and II, the most important buildings being listed as Grade I. English Heritage is responsible for the addition of buildings to the national register, although any member of the public can submit a request for listing. For further details on how buildings are listed and how to make a listing request please click on the link below:

- English Heritage: Information on Listed Buildings (External Link) 

The statutory list descriptions produced for each Listed Building are available online through the Heritage Gateway (see link below). Please note the list description is only intended to be used for identification purposes and is not a summary of what features are important or protected. Any outbuildings or ancillary structures within the curtilage such as garden walls or stores built before 1st July 1948 are also protected within the listing and are commonly known as curtilage listed buildings.


A special type of Planning Permission called Listed Building Consent is required from the Council to alter, extend or demolish any part of a listed building or curtilage listed building including internal alterations. Consent may also be required for large scale refurbishment schemes where this would result in substantial replacement of historic fabric for example complete re-roofing in new slates or rebuilding walls with new brickwork. Consent may also sometimes be required for cosmetic works which alter the appearance of the building such as painting in a different colour or repointing.  Like for like repairs to match the existing materials and appearance do not usually require formal consent. For further guidance on appropriate methods of repair please contact the Conservation section, or follow the link to the English Heritage Practice Guide which accompanies PPS5 for national guidance on alterations to and repair of listed buildings.



Standard Planning Permission would also be required for any alterations or extensions which materially affect the appearance of the building and for the erection of gates, fences or walls which enclose the listed building in some way. New development in the grounds of a listed building will normally need Planning Permission, but will only need Listed Building Consent if it is physically attached to the listed building.

Building Regulations approval is not a substitute for Planning Permission or Listed Building Consent

It is a criminal offence to carry out works to a listed building without the benefit of Listed Building Consent, and formal enforcement action including prosecution can be taken against the owner, architect and contractors involved in the unauthorised works. It is important therefore that you discuss any proposals to alter a listed building with the Council before commencing works. Forms for all types of Planning Permission are available online through the Planning Portal:

Click here to Download Planning Application Forms from the Planning Portal (External website)


Statements of Significance

From 23rd March 2010 a Statement of Significance must be submitted for all types of applications relating to heritage assets including works to listed buildings, scheduled monuments or locally listed buildings, and developments in conservation areas and landscape protection areas. A heritage asset does not have to be formally designated by the Council but should have some identifiable architectural, historic, archaeological or artistic interest.

This statement is in addition to a Design and Access Statement and planning applications which are not accompanied by a Statement of Significance will not be validated. Further guidance on the content expected is available within PPS5 Planning for the Historic Environment  and the accompanying English Heritage/DCMS Practice Guide.


VAT and Listed Buildings

VAT paid on goods and services related to alterations to a Listed Building can be reclaimed from HM Revenue and Customs provided that Listed Building Consent was granted for the work. This only applies to certain types of alterations which are zero rated, as repairs normally don't require consent from the Council. To reclaim the VAT owners will need to provide copies of their receipts, their Listed Building Consent approval notice and a copy of the statutory list description for their building. For further information on VAT and Listed Buildings please go to Para 9.22 through the following link.

- HM Revenue and Customs- information on VAT and Listed Buildings


Conservation Areas

Church Green Conservation AreaChurch Green Conservation AreaChurch Green Conservation Area


There are 2 Conservation Areas within the Redditch borough which are designated as having special architectural or historic interest. Details of our current designations and links to any public documents are included in the table below.


Date of Original Designation

Character Appraisal Produced

Boundary Reviewed 

Management Plan Produced
Church Green  1971  Extended 1978 and 2006  Apr-06  Yes


 Nov-69  Extended June 1995 and reviewed 2006  Apr-06  Yes


A special type of Planning Permission called Conservation Area Consent is required for the total or substantial demolition of any building over 115m3 in size, the demolition of a boundary wall over 1m in height next to the highway or 2m elsewhere and the removal of any agricultural building constructed before 1914. There is a general presumption against the loss of buildings which make a positive contribution to the character or appearance of the Conservation Area.

When assessing applications for Planning Permission within designated Conservation Areas, the Council must pay special regard to the desirability of preserving or enhancing the character or appearance of the Conservation Area. This does not mean that new development will necessarily be opposed, only that this should not harm the interest of the wider Conservation Area.

Some permitted development rights (works which normally don't require Planning Permission) are restricted in Conservation Areas including the erection of dormer windows, satellite dishes and replacement signage.  For further advice on permitted development rights please contact our Development Control Team. Additional controls are also placed over trees within a Conservation Area, meaning that an owner must submit a formal notification of works to the Council six weeks before starting work.

A leaflet has been produced for owners and residents within our Conservation Areas which explains more about the controls and responsibilities:

- Conservation Area Leaflet


Scheduled Monuments

There are 8 Scheduled Monuments within the Redditch Borough:

1.       Royal Manor House, Feckenham

2.       Park Wood Camp, Southcrest

3.       Bordesley Abbey

4.       Moons Moat

5.       The Forge Mill

6.       Astwood Court Moat

7.       Chapel House Farm

8.       Churchyard cross at St. John the Baptist Church, Feckenham

Scheduled Monuments are designated by English Heritage and formal Scheduled Monument Consent is required from them for any works including repairs. Advice on the management and maintenance of archaeological sites is available from Worcestershire County Council at:


Registered Historic Parks and Gardens

There are two registered historic parks in Bromsgrove District, Hagley Park which is Grade I and Hewell Grange which is Grade II*. Although inclusion of an historic park or garden in the national register brings no additional planning controls, the registration is a material consideration when assessing applications for Planning Permission. English Heritage is responsible for the addition of historic parks to the register, for further information on how to submit a park for inclusion please follow the link:


Buildings of Local Interest

Any historic building or structure that does not meet the English Heritage Principles of Selection for national listing and is deemed by the Council to be worthy of retention, can appear on the Schedule of Buildings of Local Interest. A building may qualify for listing for one or more of the following reasons: Authenticity, Historic significance, Architectural significance, Townscape significance. There is no legal protection against demolition of buildings of local interest but our adopted schedule is considered in planning decision making and carries weight at planning appeals.

This schedule was revised in July 2009 and can be viewed from the link below

- Current Local List PDF Acrobat

Please note that St Phillip's Church, Webheath, Redditch has now been added to the List of Buildings of Special Architectural or Historic Interest. The building is now listed at Grade II.


Contact Details

If you need any further advice or guidance on the historic built environment, advice on trees within Conservation Areas or Trees covered by a Tree Preservation Order please contact the Development Control Team on:

telephone  01527 881770 or E Mail Icon

Sources of Further Information

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