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The Councils Decision on a Planning Application or on an enforcement matter can sometimes lead to an appeal being made.

Appeals can be made in many circumstances, if for example the council:

  • Refused to grant Planning Permission
  • Puts conditions on a Planning approval, which you believe to be inappropriate
  • Fails to determine a Planning Application within the time allowed
  • Serve an Enforcement Notice

Planning Appeals

Before making an appeal against a decision the council has made on a planning application, we would encourage you to contact the planning officer who dealt with your application to see whether the scheme can be amended in any way to make it acceptable.

Who can appeal?

Appeals can only be made by the person who made the original application, and they must be made directly to the Planning Inspectorate.

Time Limits

There are set time limits on the right to appeal and these time limits vary depending on the type of application.

  • Householder Applications, which have been refused the time limit is 12 weeks  
  • All other types of applications where a decision has been made the time limit is 6 months
  • Non- determined applications the time limit is 6 months

Please note that these time limits start from the date when the decision notice was issued, or in the case of non-determination, from the date the decision should have been issued.

Making and commenting on a planning appeal online

Whether you are appealing against a decision or are wanting to make comments on an appeal, you can now do this online via the Planning Portal.

Enforcement Appeals

If you have been served with an enforcement notice, and wish to appeal against it, it is important that you firstly consider why the notice was issued and decide from that whether you have any grounds to appeal.

There are several grounds on which you can appeal against an enforcement notice, these are available to be viewed on the links below:

- Planning Inspectorate website or via the planning portal.

Who can appeal?

Anyone with an interest in the land can appeal, whether or not they have been served with a copy of the enforcement notice. This normally means the owner, tenant or leaseholder.

Time Limit

If you still wish to proceed and appeal against the notice it is important that you act quickly as any appeal must be made before the date on which the notice takes effect. Normally this is 28 days from the date on which the notice was served.

Making an appeal

You can now submit an appeal against an enforcement notice to the Planning inspectorate online via the Planning Portal.

Appeal Decisions

Once an appeal has been determined the appeal decision notice will be available to be viewed either via the Planning Portal using the appeal case search or via our Public access system, using the Planning Application search.

- Appeal Decision notices on Planning Portal

- Appeal Decision notices on Public Access

Useful links

Making an appeal online via the Planning Portal

For guidance on taking part in Planning appeals, please click on the relevant electronic booklet below.

Guide to taking part in planning appeals- Written representations 

Guide to taking part in planning appeals- Hearing 

Guide to taking part in planning appeals- Inquiry 


For guidance on taking part in an Enforcement appeal, please click on the relevant electronic booklet below.


Guide to taking part in enforcement appeals- Hearing

Guide to taking part in enforcement appeals- Inquiry  


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